Today I sat on a flight next to Australia’s ex PM Tony Abbott and had a good chat that led to me thinking:

1. No matter how busy you are you can always fit in exercise, even if you run a country.  Tony fits it in at 5am daily and claims his consistency comes from doing it when he first wakes up.
2. Being resilient is something to claim when you’re in the twilight of your years.  Not in the now. He’s not sure if his most recent life experiences will show up later in life as post traumatic stress. A recent catch up with war veterans had him thinking.
3. Close friends and family are nearly as good as counsellors.  Just talking about stress to your closest friends helps you to move on.
4. He was late for his appointment as our plane was late. He claims politicians try to fit too much into their diaries and that this happens regularly. Maybe that’s significant in that our country is being run with too many balls in the air, hence the greater impact is “more gets less done”.
5. When you’ve been advised during a conversation that the person knows very little about your subject, you cannot help but give more information than needed.  Students of a subject need simplified small chunks of information, so they have time to ask more questions and learn at their own pace.