One of the most common questions I get asked from business leaders is “how do I get my staff to do X, Y & Z?”…  The answer lies in how the business leader approaches this issue.
My philosophy is that you cannot get people to do anything that their mind hasn’t been participating in building.  They have to want to do it themselves.  Ask yourself this question:
How many things did you take action on today that were your thoughts v others telling you what to do? i.e. I have a thought – “I’m hungry” – I then take action and buy a sandwich.  Your staff need to work it out with their own thoughts, that is how we naturally take action.
One tool I’ve used over the years that enables the person who misses an agreement is to help them process it correctly by taking through this line of questioning.
I first explain that if they break agreements with themselves then the off shoot of that is that the world will break agreements with them.
What is the agreement and who is it made with?
What did you make more important?
What is the impact on me or others?
What is the perceived pay off?
What is the shadow/motivator driving this behaviour?
Is this a pattern?
What small action can you take to get back into integrity?
Do you feel more confident when you attempt this next time?
Hope this helps.