My Top 25 Business/ Life Lessons when asked by a CEO. Here’s what came out unedited.

1. That most of the things we worry about never come to pass. Having my leg amputated in my teens and the thinking I had around the journey and where I would end up, is totally different to where I am today. Business has been the same.

2. That life has an intelligence we cannot understand yet everything happens for our best. Sometimes the things that don’t happen to you are the best things to happen to you.

3.Perfection is the lowest standard that one can have. Because once perfection is achieved, we stop exploring or making progress.

4. That taking personal responsibility is the most powerful way to get productive.

5. That sometimes silence is the loudest reply.

6. That old people tell the most impactful stories because the quality of the story is in the quantity of life.

7. That often the simplest of human beings have the strongest of characters. The most amazing person I ever met was a cab driver in Perth who was a refugee from Afghanistan who arrived here as a boat person. His story was profound.

8. That friendship is a priceless treasure. Your truest friendships blossom with age.

10. That following the crowd never gets you very far. You must eventually have a centre of conviction of what you believe.

11. That critics are critics because they can’t produce their own art.

12. That deep change is meant to be uncomfortable. We all soon turn the corner and when we do life is a highway.

13. That people you love will annoy or hurt you but that’s no reason not to love them back.

14. That kindness is more powerful than brilliance.

15. That genius basically comes from a terrific work ethic and focus on one industry or thing.

16. That sleep is a top performer’s secret weapon.

17. That most people have great hearts and will show you them if they feel safe.

18. That most of us are so alike even the person you think your different too, it’s that your focusing on the 5% of their personality that shows up under stress.

19. That once you dream up the “why” the “what” and “how” always falls into place.

20. That life expands to the size of your vision.

21. That enjoying your daily routine is the secret to life’s fulfilment, not getting the big goal or win.

22. That your inner world is a direct reflection of what you see and attract in your outer world.

23. That you can’t be an expert in a world that doesn’t exist in the same form anymore.

24. That creativity and adaptability demands solitude.

25. That patience to is not about waiting. It’s about keeping a good attitude whilst waiting.