The next time someone complains about opportunity in Australia return serve with these 4 facts. A postive mindset is key when your environment is giving everything it can to make you successful.

  1. Australia holds the world record for the longest single period of positive economic growth. Yep, the world record. 26 consecutive years.  During that time the rest of the world endure an Asian Financial collapse and a Global Financial Crisis. No Australian under the age of 44 has endured an economic recession as a responsible adult.
  2. The average Australian is the second richest in the world.  That’s from the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook… in case you don’t believe it.  The richest are the Swiss, then Australia, US, Norway and New Zealand.
  3. There are plenty of jobs… We’re almost at full employment.  Unemployment nationally is at 5.6 per cent and an extra 124,000 full time jobs have been created since last September. Structural full employment is generally defined as being around 5 percent.
  4. Money has never been cheaper.  This doesn’t mean you should go and borrow up the eyeballs and over extend yourself…But with official interest rates at a record low of 1.5 per cent, the cost of borrowing on good investments has never been lower.

Source:  Stats from David Koch.