One day a CEO was taking a break from his company conference at a hotel on Hamilton Island. In need of some fresh air, he took a stroll towards a little harbour where he noticed a few fishing boats jostling for position.

He decided to take a seat and watch the world go by. At the same time, a fisherman who had just finished pulling in his catch took a seat next to the CEO, stretched his legs and smiled.

It was just after midday and the CEO was intrigued to know if the fisherman was done for the day. So he plucked up the courage to ask:

‘Hi there, you seem happy with your catch, is that you all done for the day or do you go out fishing again?’

‘It is a fine catch and yes that’s me finished for the day’ replied the fisherman.

‘You’re a lucky man,’ said the CEO,’my day is only beginning.’

The CEO in full conference mode paused for a minute then asked another question:

‘Have you ever considered going out fishing again?’

‘No, why would I? I have enough money for my family and some nice food for dinner. My home is 2 minutes from here and looks out onto the great ocean. My lovely wife is waiting for me to return, so we can celebrate with a nice lunch, some loving, a siesta and wait for the kids to come home from school. Then as a family we will catch up with the day’s activities, share stories, eat some nice food, laugh, watch the beautiful sunset, maybe sing a little and then sleep likes babies.’

’Sounds nice,’ remarked the CEO he paused again.

The fisherman smiled and stretched his legs.

‘But just imagine if you went out fishing again – you could catch twice as many fish and make twice as much money. Fair enough you might not finish until 7 pm every day but you would have enough money to buy more boats.’

‘Hmmm ok,’ said the fisherman, trying to understand the point.

‘Once you have more boats you can employ other fishermen to do the work for you.’

‘Ok and what next’ said the fisherman.

‘Well you could expand your fleet. Of course this would take years of hard work but there is no reason why you couldn’t create a massive business just like mine and if you’re really lucky, float on the stock exchange. I could help you?’

‘Ok and then what?’

‘Well by then you will be at retirement age and you could sell the company and buy yourself a house somewhere near the sea. You could kick back with your wife and grandkids eat nice food, take siestas, watch the sunsets, laugh, sing a little and enjoy the good life.’

‘I’m confused’ said the fisherman.